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Terbaik RF CO2 Laser Source | CO2 Metal Tube Laser

RF CO2 laser sources are known for their high efficiency, stability, and impressive power output. They offer excellent beam quality, making them widely utilized in industrial production lines for various applications such as laser cutting, marking, welding, drilling, and cold processing. These laser sources cover multiple wavelengths including 9.3um, 10.2um, and 10.6um, with power ranging from 20W to 450W. They are specifically designed for non-metal materials like acrylic, wood, paper, fabric, leather, polymer, glass, plastic, rubber, stone, ceramic, and more.

When processing non-metallic materials using CO2 lasers, the basic method involves expanding and focusing the laser beam onto the material. This causes instant vaporization at the focal point, enabling cutting or engraving.

The output power of RF CO2 laser sources can vary from a few watts to several kilowatts. It is crucial to select the appropriate power based on material thickness, processing speed, and material absorption to achieve optimal performance and desired results. As a general guideline, the laser power used for cutting should not exceed 80% of the maximum output power of the laser source to ensure the best performance and results.

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